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Children (infant-5th grade) have a great time learning about Jesus and the Bible through our Sunday School service. Kids are excited to worship together, create cool crafts, and play engaging games while serving each other and living out God's love. Through special events, and our 9:15am service, we seek to expand the capacity for a growing fellowship among all those who come.

Sunday School: 10:30 am

Tru Curriculum

We are currently using David C. Cook's Tru Curriculum in our Genesis Programs. Tru is a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family-empowered ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant weekend curriculum, as well as other family resources that meet the specific needs of today's generation. Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip, and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to children.

There are 7 Pillars of Philosophy in the Tru Curriculum, which include:

1. Family is Primary
2. Spiritual Formation
3. Holy Spirit is the Teacher
4. Authority of Scripture
5. The Big God Story
6. God-Centered
7. Ministry Support

children's ministriesFor ages Infant-Kindergarten, the curriculum we use is called "Tru Wonder," while for ages 1st-5th grades we use the curriculum called "Tru Story." Each curriculum, focuses on the age appropriate lessons for each age group. Our Tru curriculum focuses strongly on working alongside parents in the spiritual growth of their child. We believe the parents should take lead in the spiritual development and the church should support and reinforce what the parents Biblical instructions. To foster that support, each week children take home a Memory Verse, and "HomeFront Weekly" to go through with their parents. HomeFront Weekly gives parents tools, instructions and activities to prepare the children for what the church will be teaching the upcoming week. We also provide "HomeFront Monthly," which is filled with activities, stories and Bible verses that focus on the key theme for the month. These are just a few of the tools we send home with parents to spark conversation during the week with their children about Sunday lessons.

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